Our Location

  • Arhontiko Hotel

    We are situated South West on the Greek island of Karpathos in a fishing village called Finiki. Our hotel is situated in "Finiki" which is a "fishing village" that belongs to the bigger village of Arkasa.

    It is built on the hill over the small, scenic harbour, which gives the hotel a panoramic view of the ocean.

    For those who know our hotel, this site will be a reminder of how excellent our service is, and for those who look for the perfect time off in Karpathos, a great start.

  • Finiki village

    8 km away from the airport, 17 km from the capital of Kaprathos. 2 km away from the village of Arkasa and very famous for the fish tavernas and its history during the WWII. Arkasa, just 2 km away from the hotel, a lively village with lots of bars, caffeterias, restaurants, gift shops and supermarkets. Beaches: Small harbour situated underneath the hotel, available for swimming, with a small sandy beach. Just 500 m away from the hotel you can find "Kamarakia" beach and "Ais Giorgis" beach. Very quiet and clean beaches to relax. Sports: for climbing or walking, there are mountains and places which are suitable.

  • Karpathos island

    Karpathos is the second largest island in the Dodecanese after Rhodes. Situated between Crete and Rhodes, in the Karpathian Sea, it has a strategic location since it is the natural bridge which unites Crete and Asia Minor. In aspect of geomorphology, Karpathos is one of the most gifted Greek islands. Calcareous rock beds define its morphological character. Over the rock beds of lime stones lie more recent beds of stones such as plaster and others

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  • Tradition

    Although Karpathos is a small island it remains exceptional because of its rich tradition which has roots from ancient years and especially because of the local people's devotion to preserving their customs and traditions and living according to these values. This devotion is due to its geographical position and to the genuine spirit of the Karpathians. Remarkable is the devotion of Karpathian people - not only the ones living in Karpathos, but all Karpathian who live abroad - to their traditions and customs.

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  • Activities, sightseen

    Things to do, places to see, when in Karpathos. Karpathos offers a wide variety of activities and sites of interest. On the link that we provide you here, you will find a brief list of things you can do and see while being on our magnificent island! If you are looking for more information or have any questions when you are already on the island, dont hesitate to ask us at Arhontiko Hotel. We will be glad to answer all your questions and guide you on your journey around our beautifull and full of surprises island of Karpathos.

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